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Master of Culinary Arts and Head Chef -  Paweł Zieliński
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My name is Paweł Zieliński and I am a cook for over 14 years. I gained my experience in the country and abroad.

My adventure with cooking began at the age of 15. Already then, I knew what I will do in life. At the age of 18, I started working in "Mercury" hotel in Warsaw under the guidance of Master George Pasikowski. He appointed me the way I am following so far to achieve success and to be a perfectionist in my profession. He gave me his "Chef's 10 commandments". Another master with whom I had the pleasure to work with was Kloth Faron a very demanding French chef and an excellent craftsman in his profession.

In the restaurant "The Cinamon", together with Head Chef Paul Dobrzański, we created a harmonious duo, which resulted in obtaining second place in the National Competition "Italian Cuisine".

After seven years of experience gained in Poland, it was time to leave the country in order to further improve my qualifications. Being a cook is a profession that requires people to have a culinary talent but above all passion, which guarantees success in this profession.

At the star restaurant "L'Écrivain" in Dublin, alongside the Master Derry Clarke, I learned how to combine products, use different techniques and how to finish exquisite dishes. In a 4* hotel "Hilton" in Limerick, together with the Executive Chef Tom Flavin I prepared dishes perfectly crafted in every detail. At the hotel "Clif Town House" in Maynooth, under the tutelage of Master Sean Smith, I was a Chef in the Head section. I learned to plan, organize work in the kitchen and managed a young team of chefs. Finally, at the "Carton House" hotel restaurant, which is a Fine Dinning restaurant, I worked for the Executive Chef Cathal Kavanagh, one of the best known chefs in the UK.

Eight years spent in Ireland made me realize that cooking is knowledge without end, and that the chef is not only an excellent craftsman, but also a true artist who is able to cook and prepare dishes making them a true feast.

After returning home to Poland, along with Chef Michael Bryś, I created the menu for the restaurant "L'Enfant Terrible". After eight months of looking for new challenges, I came to the Exclusive Restaurant Pod Gigantami. I will do everything to make dishes so exquisite as the place in which they are served.

The main idea is to maintain high standards throughout the year. Seasonal menus and to use products of regional origin but above all a very good quality of meat and fresh fish from reliable suppliers.

I create a kitchen light, modern using different techniques. I combine traditional flavors with a modern twist so that everyone can find something for thamselves. I first imagine the dish in my mind, combine the flavors, then together with my team we work on the techniques to be used and the structures of each element.

In a special way I take care of the details. One of my Chefs- Sean Smith once asked me if I know what is the difference between a good restaurant from a very good restaurant? I replied - quality! He said- No, it is paying attention to the smallest details!

I invite you to a unique cuisine prepared with the utmost attention. I assure you that there is food for the soul !

Head Chef Paul Zieliński



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