Polski Angielski
Head Chef -  Marcin Wyłupek


               My name is Marcin Wyłupek. I have been working as a cook for 17 years. I am a graduate of the Warsaw School of Gastronomy at ul. Poznańska. Gaining experience in the profession of a cook, I also graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Finance.

              I made my first steps in the restaurant Rabarbar under the supervision of head chef Robert Drożdżyk. He taught me the basics of organizing work with people, the standards of serving dishes and taking care of  every detail on a plate. Over the years, I learned from Spanish chefs in Mirador and Tapa y Toro restaurants. In addition to flavors, I found a real southern passion for cooking in myself. Beeing the head chef at Tapa y Toro, I realized that at work you can feel as good as at home. The next years of my carreer were a return to the roots of Polish cuisine with a modern twist. I worked as a sous chef  at the atmospheric restaurant Parasol at Lake Zegrzyński, and in 2013 I began my adventure at Exclusive Restaurant Pod Gigantami, famous for its excellent Polish cuisine. I received valuable lessons from head chef Paweł Zieliński, beeing his deputy at work and privately as a colleague.

               I think that every chef - like a good musician who plays on many instruments -  should have all the sections in the kitchen mastered starting from the hot section, cold section ending on desserts.

               In my life I am always guided by the taste and quality of a product, which I willingly discover in my travels. I like what I do and working in a well-coordinated team gives me great pleasure. Extracting the potential from the cooks and grinding out young talents, I treat as a priority objective beeing the head chef at Restaurant Pod Gigantami. The unique atmosphere and breathtaking style of this place is conducive to building the best team in the kitchen. I believe that this good atmosphere will be felt on plates and appreciated by our guests.

                I cordially invite you to a unique dining experience at Exclusive Restaurant Pod Gigantami.

Head Chef  Marcin Wyłupek



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