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The building Pod Gigantami in Warsaw

The building Pod Gigantami was built in the late nineteenth century.
 It is located in Warsaw at Al. Ujazdowskie No. 24


The building Pod Gigantami was constructed with elements of neoclassical
and baroque styles. It has four floors and a symmetrical facade.
The 9 -axis in the central part of the main entrance is flanked by sandstone
statues of giants, supporting a balcony. One supports it with his shoulder,
the other is holding it with raised hands. The two-story, rustic pedestal with
a balcony of the second floor is stretched allong the full width of the facade.
It carries three upper floors accented by a pseudo center and fluted pilasters.
It is as a courtyard house with outbuildings on the side. On the east side,
a pavilion with a terrace. The courtyard facades were accented by sculptural
fragments from the Royal Palace.

Exclusive Restaurant Pod Gigantami

Currently, in the building is located Exclusive Restaurant Pod Gigantami.
It is maintained in the former climates. At the Restaurant there were valuable
paintings by such artists as Juliusz Kossak. Later they have been transferred
to the museum. Until now, at Exclusive Restaurant Pod Gigantami,
there is a parquet over 250 years old that was brought back after the demolition
of the Palace Tarnowski. You will also find one of the painting reproductions of
Stanisław August, painted by the famous painter Antoni Bacciarelli.


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