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Cold appetizers

  • 42 pln

    Smoked salmon with crayfish mousse

    served with fresh crème, sweet-sour cucumber and tarragon oil

  • 42 pln

    Salad with honey melon, beef and blue gorgonzola cheese

    pumpkin oil, pumpkin seeds, watercress and chicory

  • 44 pln

    Beef tartar

    seasoned with finely chopped marinated mushrooms, dill pickles and onions served with herbal toast, pickles, creamy egg yolk and dried onion

  • 420 pln

    Siberian " Black Gold"

    60g of Original Siberian Black Sturgeon caviar, served on ice with blinis and toasted bread

Warm appetizers

  • 36 pln

    Crepes with wild mushrooms

    lemon aioli and amaranth

  • 39 pln

    Crispy sweetbread in mushroom liquor

    aromatic pearl barley, salsify

  • 42 pln

    Homemade dumplings stuffed with duck meat

    blueberry purée, orange sauce and beetroot sponge

  • 44 pln

    Fish stuffed cabbage with smoked fish consommé

    sun dried tomatoes and anchovies


  • 26 pln

    Dubarry cream with lemon and basil emulsion

  • 28 pln

    Veal consommé with Lithuanian dumplings stuffed with lamb meat and vegetables brunoise

  • 36 pln

    "Bouillabaisse" fish soup with sweet and salt water fish


  • 68 pln

    Roasted Duck Polish style with sour cherry – cranberry sauce

    served with homemade beetroot laid noodles, root vegetables, beetroot and apple quarters

  • 76 pln

    Veal escalopes with salvia and prosciutto ham

    served with buckwheet, carrot in orange emulsion, shallot and wine parsley sauce

  • 89 pln

    Rib Eye steak with béarnaise sauce

    served with potato gratin, smoked tomatoes and watercress

  • 98 pln

    Loin of venison with truffle liqueur

    served with savory truffle potato purée, caramelized parsley, chestnuts and kale chips


  • 72 zł

    Pike perch fillet with cream sauce

    served with green lentils, parsley puree, leek in balsamico and mustard leaves

  • 76 pln

    Sturgeon fillet with herbal beurre blanc

    served with sautéed zucchini with chevril, homemade dumplings, and a sepia rice puff

Vegetarian dishes

  • 44 pln

    Risotto with mushrooms

    truffle oil, parsley emulsion and cheese chips

  • 48 pln

    Baked Mediterranean vegetables

    served with oat groats with herbs, zucchini and tomato casserole, artichoke in breadcrumbs and grilled peppers


  • 27 pln

    Seaberry Panna cotta with rose jelly

    orange crumble and yoghurt mousse

  • 29 pln

    White chocolate cheesecake with chantilly coffee cream

    raspberry coulis and white chocolate powder

  • 32 pln

    Almond brownie

    milk chocolate mousse, chocolate tulle, white chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake and cherries in the gel

  • 52 pln

    Crêpes Suzette ( prepared at your table)

    Crêpes in a rich orange butter sauce with a touch of Grand Marnier liqueur and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

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